iPhone to Android Switch

Nov 25, 12 iPhone to Android Switch

I recently made the change from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note II after having an iPhone since it’s debut (a total of about 5 years). A lot of people have been asking me why I swtiched devices, how hard was it to switch over from Apple to Android, why I chose the Note II, and most importantly which operating system do I prefer?




This blog post will include:

  • My understanding of what is different between Apple and Android.
  • Why I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • How to move all of your contacts over easily.
  • Why I chose the Samsung Note II out of all the choices on the market.
  • What I like most about Android
  • What I miss most about Apple
  • The Bottom Line – Which is better? Apple or Android – If you don’t care about any of the stuff above just skip to the bottom line.

My understanding of what is different between Apple and Android

Apple is closed and Android is open. What does this mean?

Apple limits which providers carry iPhones which means they limit who carries their devices. Android is open source which means that any carrier can use their phones. Apple does not give access to it’s users to the software and takes the responsibility of software development to ease customer experience.

What does this mean for consumers?

The reason Apple is closed is because of their goal to make the user interface as easy and as clean as possible. I’ve noticed that it’s extremely easy to pick up an iPhone and get going right away. Android takes some time to get used to and learn. There’s also a lot of different apps to choose from. Learn more about open verse closed here.

I work with software developers who program in both Apple and Android and when we release an app to Apple it takes about 1-2 weeks for us to get our app approved. With Android, it takes less than a day. Apple is a lot more careful about what is and what is not published to their store. Meaning that every app that you download from the app store has gone through their approval process and has met their standards.

Consistency for apps on Android.

It is hard for developers to build software for Android because there are so many different operating systems, overlays, screen sizes and updates. When a developer builds for Android they have to do a lot of testing on different screen sizes and making sure everything is consistent (I can tell you from experience, this sucks because when you have an app released in the market place you normally find all of the bugs after you release it).  So what does this mean for consumers? Quality Control - On Android the quality control on apps is very minimalistic, meaning the quality of 3rd party software is more likely to be bugged. On Apple, they have a long approval process which calls for better apps on the market place. Remember, because Android is open source, there are a lot of things you can do on Android that you can’t do on the iPhone, I’ll cover that in “What I like most about Android” below.

Why I switched from Apple to Android

The reasons I switched from Apple to Android is two fold.

  1. My friend Steve always tells me about how much he hates Apple and how they’re headed to a downward spiral now that Steve Jobs is gone. So, I asked him if he ever used an iPhone. He said no. So, we challenged each other to try out different devices since Steve has never used an iPhone and I never used an Android before. (BTW, Steve has been using an iPhone for the past 30 days and he still hates it, I’ve had my Android for 6 days and I love mine).
  2. The second reason for me switching, I simply think it’s good to switch things up every once and a while. I’ve been using an iPhone for 5 years and I think if we get too comfortable with what we use we lose our edge.

How to move all of your contacts over from Apple to Android (and vice versa)

If you decided to make an operating system switch, this is the easiest way to move all of your contacts over.

Thanks be to Google for creating contact sync. All you need is a google account and sync all of your contacts to Google Sync. Simply set up your google account with Apple or Android and import your contacts.

I used this blog post to make the switch over. How to move contacts from Apple to Android and vice versa.

Why I choose the Samsung Galaxy Note II

If anyone has seen the Samsung Galaxy Note II the screen is about 5.5 inches big, it’s humongous! I decided to buy it because if I’m going to do something I mine as well do it big, right? The hardware in the Note II and the Galaxy S3 is about the same (nothing that I can tell is different).

Initially, the huge screen was hard to get used to. For example, operating with one hand and my friends always calling me out for having such a big device.

The nice thing about the big screen is that it’s extremely easy to see what’s going on in your life ie looking at your calendar, checking your email, organizing apps, and sharing pictures or video with friends.

It’s passed my battery test (which is hard to believe considering I have 4 email accounts constantly syncing and I’m always streaming Pandora)..  I love it.

A cool feature about the Note II is that you can draw pictures and create cool notes for yourself and share them with your friends with the stylus that it comes with (the S3 doesn’t have a stylus).  I never really find myself using the stylus though unless someone asks me what’s different about the Note II.

Just to let you know, I didn’t do much research into Windows phones or any Google devices. Reason being, I think the competition lies between the Galaxy phones and Apple.

What I like most about Android.

  • SWYPE!!!! If you have an Android and you don’t use Swype, you’re crazy. I live on my phone and I hate sending messages to people over it because I have to peck all of the letters/numbers and make sure I get them right. With Swype, all I have to do is swype over the letters of the word I want to create and it inputs  it into the text box. I can send messages so much faster now. Apple lost out on this one.
  • The notification screen. When I had an iPhone I jailbroke it to get the notification screen that Anroid has.  It’s so nice to quickly bring down the notification center and tap on Wi-Fi to turn it off/on or adjust your brightness. With Apple, you have to go into setting find you brightness/contrast go through a couple more clicks and then you’re done. It’s a lot nicer on Android.

    Samsung Note II Notification Screen Shot

  •  Widgets are the SHIZNIT! I can’t believe Apple doesn’t have these yet. Although, I’m sure they’ll release them in a year or two and say that they’re a “brand new, never released feature.” Just to bring everyone up to speed, a widget is a tool that you place on your homescreen to quickly access an application without having to go through any extra steps. My favorite widgets are Evernote, Foursquare check-in, Assistive Light, Alarm, Flipboard, Twitter, Mail and Calendar. Definitely get these if you have an Android. Screen shots below.
Samsung Note II Mail Widget Screen shot

A screenshot of mail as a widget. It’s so nice to swipe over and see all of your messages without having to go into a different application.

Calendar widget in Samsung Note II

The huge screen on the Note II makes it so easy to see all your events. Best part, all I have to do is swipe over and I can see all of my events/calendars.

Evernote and Twitter Widgets Samsung Note II

Twitter can display your most recent @ or tweets, Evernote shows all of your notes so you can quickly click on them.

Flipboard, Assistive Light, Alarm clock Widget

Alarm clock widget and assistive light is awesome. I have two Flipboard widgets so I can see two news feeds.


Samsung Note II Home Screen

Weather widget is nice along with Pandora. Google Widget allows you to search quickly.

Samung Note II Apps

How I organize my applications. Fourquare Widget is nice because it pops up locations near me so I can check-in faster.

  • Being able to access all of my files on my phone and share them easily. Android has the “My Files” feature which is so nice. I can store files on my phone and transfer them to anyone. Apple doesn’t have that feature which is really annoying.
  • Micro SD Card -With Android devices you’re not limited to the internal memory of the phone. You can buy an SD card of any size and put it in your phone if you need additional memory.
  • Additional Battery – If you’re a battery killer, you can buy an extra Samsung Note II battery and carry it with you. It’s less expensive than a Mophie case.
  • Application killing is very easy on Androids compared to Apple.
  • Finally – Accessories for Android are so much less expensive! My case and cover were a grand total of $28 when my previous iPhone case combo was $20 for the cover and $120 for the case (keep in mind I bought the Mophie case which is an additional battery).

What I miss most about Apple

  • I don’t get group messages from Apple users anymore! I’ve been so used to iMessage and the switch is hard for me (considering my entire family has iPhones).
  • Visual Voicemail – Android has visual voicemail but it’s not as nice as Apple’s….I hate voicemails so the easier it is to delete them the happier I am.
  • Prejudice developers – a lot of developers create applications for Apple only. I don’t like not being able to download an app that all of my iPhone friends have.
  • All of the apps I purchaed over 5 years…I let it go
  • Not being able to sync my Android with my Apple TV. I wonder if there’s an Android app that lets me do that?
  • iTunes Match – I love that all of my music syncs automatically. With Android, I can’t use iTunes match and sync all of my songs. I hear Google Music is a lot better though…Mentally, I haven’t made the switch yet.

The Bottom Line

Here’s my opinion on Apple and Android. Apple is for users who are looking for something that’s cool and works easily. If you’re looking for a lot of customization, you’re a techy nerd, and you like the feeling of  freedom to do what you want without being limited by Apple….Android is the choice for you. It took me a couple of days to get used to Android and how the system works, once you get a hang of it, you’re good to go! I’ve only had an Android for about a week and I still feel there is a lot of cool stuff I can do on it that I couldn’t do with Apple. Either way, I don’t think that one is better than the other. It’s a matter of what you prefer and what you need. I hope you don’t think that I’m biased towards one or the other because I’m not. Again, the reason I switched to Android was to give it a test to see if I liked it…and it passed. It wouldn’t be the end of the world for me to still have an iPhone.

Additionally, A reason I think a lot of people think Mac is so cool is because of their marketing. If Android had a more direct message to their consumers and built a brand around that message I think Apple would be in trouble.

Oh Yeah, I own a Mac and a PC and there’s no problem with syncing for me after making the switch.


That’s all I have. If you have any questions write a post below via FB and I’ll get back to you ASAP.